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To be recognized as one of the most reliable companies in the construction
and infrastructure industry in India. To consistently evolve and grow.


Putting nonstop efforts and endeavors to create models of excellence and set benchmarks one after the other in the Civil and Infrastructure sector.


Leader ship at every level Clarity for Goals Quest for new Technology Accountability and Ownership Self and Mutual Respect


AFS motivation comes from only one factor and that is: “People First!” For that, AFS hardly compromises on anything for quality and technology.

About Us

AFS is a fresh, promising presence in the infrastructure building industry.

The company acts out of the vision of being a top quality provider of outstanding service, for essential and prolific projects viz. pipelines, roads, buildings, irrigation and urban infrastructure.

The company is incorporated with the collective contribution of expert know-how and intent to excel in the infrastructure building industry.

The company envisages its growth at a steady pace, with the strength of its commitment to quality and timeliness of delivery, combined with a very strong financial position and stability it maintains.


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We are focused on building quality


The pipelines installed across landscapes in regions ranging from villages to cities, are essentially the carriers of resources like water and gas for industries and public utilities. Pipeline systems are also essential in installing efficient drainage systems.


India is a land blessed with water resources. India is also home to many big irrigation and river valley projects. The need to harness it and distribute it effectively makes the whole point of establishing a well-planned irrigation infrastructure.


AFS Constructions  works on erecting telecom infrastructure and extensively rolls out products that are components to the telecom installations. This includes structures in steel viz. transmission towers across the length and breadth of the country.


The development in real estate development and building construction corresponds to the growing urbanisation that is the trend of the times.

There is a pressing need to ensure that there is professional integrity at work at the hands of the active builders to ensure that the buildings are made to standards, ensuring safety, durability and amenities that make them worth it.


India’s roadways and the length and intricacy of it could probably be astonishing to whomever comes to learn about it. The roads spans across in variety from national highways to by lanes linking remote areas.

The variety and scope of road infrastructure and the relevance it has in the maintenance and development of national economy is tremendous.


sustainable energy

What our

Clients say

“I have worked with a number of general contractors from across the country. But I can tell you unequivocally that none compare to The AFS Company. They positively altered my perspective for how a construction project should be managed with Park West and delivered a world-class student housing community that will serve Age's for decades.”
John Doe
CEO of Industro

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